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BU Business Marketing Sem II
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1 Module - 1 Nature of Business Marketing What is Industrial/Business Marketing, Differences between Business and Consumer Marketing, Nature of Demand in Industrial Markets VIEW CHAPTERS
Organisational Buying and Buying Behaviour Organisational Buying Decision Process, Buying Situations, Buy grid Frame Work, Buying Centre Roles, Key Members of Buying Centre, Models of organizational Buying Behaviour, The Webster and Wind Model, The Sheth Model VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Module - 2 Buyer - Seller Relationship Buyer and Seles representative Interaction, Relationship Marketing, Sales Presentation, Negotiation, Reciprocity, Dealing with Customers Customer, Customer Service, Management of Major and National Accounts, Relationship marketing, Managing Buyer Seller relationship, Customer Relationship Management, Defining E-Commerce, Key Elements Supporting E-Commerce, Internal Strategy implementation VIEW CHAPTERS
Supply Chain Management Concept of Supply Chain Management, Strategic Role of Logistics, Business to Business Logistical Management VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Module - 3 Marketing Research and Marketing Intelligence Nature and Scope of Industrial Marketing Research, Marketing Research Process, Industrial Marketing, Intelligence System VIEW CHAPTERS
Strategic Planning, Implementing and Controlling in Industrial Marketing Role of Marketing in Strategic Planning, Strategic Planning at Corporate Level, Strategic Planning Process at Business Unit Level, Developing Industrial Marketing Plan, Implementing and Controlling Marketing Plans, Industrial Market Segmentation, Target Marketing, and Positioning VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Module - 4 Product, Pricing Strategies and New Product Development Meaning of Industrial Product, Changes in Product Strategy, Strategies for Existing Products, Product life Cycle and Strategies, Pricing Strategies Impact of Technology, High Tech Marketing, New product Classification, Development Process and Strategy VIEW CHAPTERS
Distribution Channels and Marketing Logistics Alternative structures of Industrial Channels, Types of Business Intermediaries, Channel Design, Managing Channel Members, Business Logistics System, Tasks of physical Distribution, Total Distribution Cost and Customer Service VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Module - 5 Business Communication Developing Business Communication Programme, Functions performed by Industrial Advertising, Media used for Industrial Advertising, Promotion, Trade shows, Seminars, Demonstrating, Role of Indirect Marketing, On-line marketing, Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Publicity and Public Relations, Business to Business Selling,Team Selling Approach, Solution Oriented effort, Entrepreneurial Philosophy, Selling Structure, Direct sales force, sales coverage through Manufacturer s representative and Distributors, Sustaining customer relationship VIEW CHAPTERS
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