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BU Accounting for Managerial Decisions Sem III
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1 Module - 1 Managerial Decision Making Decision making process, Database for decision-making, Cost-based Decisionmaking VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Module - 2 Cost Behavior and Profit Analysis Marginal Costing and Short term Decisions and pricing, Application of short term decision models, key factors, diversification of products, profit planning, Product mix decision, contribution analysis, make or buy decisions, discontinuation of product, diversification of product line, accept or reject special order, break-even analysis, cost-volume profit analysis VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Module - 3 Responsibility Accounting and Divisional Performance Measurement Responsibility accounting, meaning and definition, process in implementation, responsibility reporting, centres for control, benefits of responsibility accounting, difficulties in the implementation of responsibility accounting, methods for measuring divisional performance, divisional performance reporting VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Module - 4 Budgetary Control and Variance Analysis Steps in Preparation of master budget, zero based budgeting (ZBB), meaning, requisites for implementation, features, ZBB vs Traditional budgeting, benefits, criticism, Planning, programming budgeting system (PPBS), meaning, definition, PPBS vs conventional budgeting, stages in PPBS, advantages, Performance budgeting, meaning, reasons of performance budget, requisites, and steps in implementation, Monitoring results and control variances, planning and operational variances, interpretation of variances, (Theory only) VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Module - 5 Uniform Costing and Inter Firm Comparison Meaning, objectives, requisites for the installation of Uniform costing, uniform costing manual, advantages and disadvantages, Inter-firm comparison, meaning, requisites, Procedure involved under inter-firm comparison, advantages and disadvantages VIEW CHAPTERS
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