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BU Strategic Cost Management - I Sem III
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1 Module - 1 Costing Strategy Influence of different cost elements on business enterprise, Importance of analyzing cost elements, cost control and cost reduction: meaning, process, methods and techniques of cost control and cost reduction, cost management: areas of cost management, difference between cost management and cost accounting, role of cost accounting in strategic planning and management control VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Module - 2 Strategic Cost and Performance Evaluation Integration of strategic cost management with performance evaluation, Strategic cost management issues in different elements of cost; material, labour and overheads; product design, value analysis and value engineering, strategic analysis of cost, business process re-engineering, benchmarking VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Module - 3 Activity Based Costing System Introduction to traditional methods of overhead absorption, problems of overhead absorption system under Traditional System, introduction to ABC, Kaplan and Coopers approach to ABC, cost drivers and cost activities, allocation of overheads under ABC, Characteristics of ABC, benefits from adaptation of ABC System, problems on comparison between traditional system and ABC system VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Module - 4 Budgetary Control and Variance Analysis Meaning of LCC, factors affecting Life cycle costing, phases in product life cycle, characteristics, product life cycle and cost control, Experience curve in product life cycle costing, Project life cycle costing: Meaning, categories of project life cycle costs, optimization of project life cycle costs VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Module - 5 Uniform Costing and Inter Firm Comparison JIT  features, methodology in implementation of JIT, Benefits of JIT, Kaizen Costing: concept, procedure for implementation, evaluation, benefits of Kaizen costing, Lean Cost Management: Meaning, definition, factors, applications, procedure to implementation, comparison with traditional management system, Modern production management techniques, benefits and drawbacks of Lean Cost Management VIEW CHAPTERS
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