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BU Banking Operations Management Sem IV-Elective
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1 Module - 1 NA AI roots and scope- History of applications from Eden to ENIAC: Attitudes towards intelligence knowledge, and Human Artifice, Overview of AI Application areas, Artificial Intelligence as Representation and Search, Introduction, The prepositional Calculus, The predicate calculus, Using co Rules to produce predicate calculus Expressions, Applications, A Logic Based Financial Advisor VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Module - 2 NA Structures and Strategies for state space search : Introduction, Graph Theory- Strategies for state space search, Using the state space to represent, Reasoning with the predicate Calculus VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Module - 3 NA Heuristic Search: Introduction, An algorithm for Heureistic search, admissibility, Monotonicity and Informedness, using Heuristics in Games, Complexity issues VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Module - 4 NA Representation and Intelligence : The Al Challenge knowledge representation: Issues in knowledge representation- A brief History of AI representational schemes- conceptual Graphs: A Network Language- Alternatives to Explicitly Representation- Agent based Distributed Problem solving Strong Method Problem Solving: Introduction, Overview of Experts systems- Technology- Rule-Based Expert systems- Model, Case based and Hybrid systems, Planning VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Module - 5 NA Reasoning in uncertain situations: Introduction- Logic-Based Abductive Inference- Abduction - Alternatives to Logic- The Stochastic Approach to Uncertainty VIEW CHAPTERS
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