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MSRIT Numerical and Mathematical Biology Sem 3
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Numerical solution of Algebraic and Transcendental equations Method of false position, Newton - Raphson method VIEW CHAPTERS
Partial Differential Equations I Formation of PDE S by elimination of arbitrary constants and arbitrary functions, Solution of PDE - Lagrange s linear form, Method of separation of variables VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Partial Differential Equations-II Derivation of one dimensional heat and wave equations, Numerical solution of one dimensional heat and wave equations, Two dimensional Laplace equation, Poisson equation VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Finite Differences and Interpolation Forward and backward differences, Interpolation, Newton-Gregory forward and backward Interpolation formulae, Lagrange s interpolation formula, Newton s divided difference interpolation formula (no proof) VIEW CHAPTERS
Numerical Differentiation and Numerical Integration Derivatives using Newton- Gregory forward and backward interpolation formulae, Newton-Cote s quadrature formula, Trapezoidal Rule, Simpson s (1/3)rd rule, Simpson s(3/8)th rule VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Models for Blood Flows Basic concepts of fluid dynamics, Hagen  Poiseuille flow, Basic concepts about blood, Cardiovascular system and blood flows, Blood flow through artery with mild stenosis VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Models of flows for other Bio-fluids Peristaltic flows in Bio mechanics, Peristaltic motion in channels, Characteristic dimensionless parameters, Models for Gas exchange and air flow in lungs, Alveolar sacs, pulmonary capillaries, Weibel s model for flows in lung air ways, Two dimensional flow in renal tubule Function of Renal tube- Basic equations and boundary conditions VIEW CHAPTERS
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