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MSRIT Bioprocess Principles and Calculations Sem 3
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1 Unit 1 Introduction & Basic Chemical Calculations Historical development and overview of traditional and modern applications of biotechnological processes, Process flow sheet and unit operations in chemical and bioprocess industries, Fundamental and derived quantities, Inter-conversion of units from one system to another (FPS, CGS, MKS, SI), Concept of mole and molecule, Composition of mixtures and solutions- Percentage by weight, mole and volume, Normality, Molarity, Molality, average molecular weight, ppm, pH and pK Buffer calculations VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Material balance without chemical reactions General material balance equation for steady and unsteady states, Material balances in Distillation, Absorption, Extraction, Crystallization, Psychrometry, Drying, Mixing, Evaporation Operations VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Material balance involving chemical reactions Principles of Stoichiometry, Definitions of limiting and excess reactants, fractions and percentage conversion, yield and percentage yield, selectivity and related problems, Material balances involving bypass, recycle & purge, Fuels and Combustion, calculations involving Excess air and Air-fuel ratio VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Energy Balance General energy balance equation for steady state, Thermo physics and Thermo chemistry, Heat capacity, estimation of heat capacity for solids, liquids, gases and their mixtures, Enthalpy, Standard Heat of formation, standard heat of reaction, Standard heat of combustion and calorific value, Calculation of D(HR) at elevated temperature, Biochemical equilibrium constants and conversions VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Stoichiometry of Microbial Growth and Product Formation Introduction, Definitions of specific growth rate and yield, Elemental balances and degrees of reduction, Problems on specific rate and yield VIEW CHAPTERS
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