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MSRIT Biochemical Thermodynamics Sem 4
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1 Unit 1 Introduction System, surrounding & processes, closed and open systems, intensive & extensive properties, state and path functions, equilibrium state, reversible and irreversible processes, First Law of Thermodynamics, General statement of first law of thermodynamics, first law for cyclic process, Non-flow process, flow process VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Second law of thermodynamics & P-V-T behaviour General statement of the second law, concept of entropy, the Carnot principle, calculation of entropy changes, Clausius inequality, entropy and irreversibility, third law of thermodynamics, P-V-T behaviour of pure fluids, equations of state and ideal gas law, processes involving ideal gas law, constant volume, constant pressure, constant temperature, adiabatic and polytropic processes, Equations of real gases, principles of corresponding states, compressibility charts VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Fluids Derived properties, work function, Gibbs free energy, relationships among thermodynamic properties, Fundamental property relations, Maxwell s relations, Clapeyron equation, entropy-heat capacity relation, Effect of temperature on U, H & Entropy (S), relationships between Cp & Cv, Gibbs- Helmholtz equation, Fugacity, fugacity coefficient, Determination of fugacity of pure gases, fugacities of solids and liquids, Activity and activity coefficient, Thermodynamic diagrams, Properties of solutions VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Properties of Solutions & Phase Equilibria Partial molar properties, Chemical potential, Gibbs-Duhem equation & its applications, Henry s law & Raoult s law, Criteria of phase Equilibria, criterion of stability, Duhem's theorem, Vapour- Liquid Equilibria, VLE in ideal solutions, Consistency test for VLE data, calculation of activity coefficients using Gibbs - Duhem equation, Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium diagrams VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Biochemical Energetics Coupled reactions, Reaction Stoichiometry, criteria of biochemical reaction equilibrium, equilibrium constant and standard free energy change, effect of temperature, pressure on equilibrium constants and other- factors affecting equilibrium conversion VIEW CHAPTERS
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