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MSRIT Environmental Biotechnology Sem 5 Elective
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1 Unit 1 Introduction to Environmental biotechnology Our Environment, Geological Consideration, Scope of environmental biology, Production and decomposition in a system, Ecological efficiencies, Tropic structure and energy pyramids, Biogeochemical cycles: N, C, P, O cycles, Cellular diversity and the classification of living system, Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic organisms, Extremophiles and their adaptations VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Waste Treatment Waste water treatment, Source and Properties of waste water, Water pollution control, Waste water treatment, Physical, Biological, Aerobic treatment, Anaerobic treatment Chemical treatment, Solid waste management, Classification Properties of Solid Wastes, Solid Waste treatment, Composting of Organic Waste Hazardous waste treatment, Source, Properties, types and management, Radioactive waste treatment, management of Radioactive waste VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Bioremediation Xenobiotic compounds, sources and Properties, toxicants uptake, Bioaccumulation, Degradation of Xenobiotic compounds, Simple aromatics, petroleum products and pesticides, Conventional remediation, Bioremediation, Microorganisms in Bioremediation, Types In situ and ex situ Bioremediation, Bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soil and water, Monitoring the efficacy of Bioremediation, Factors affecting process of Bioremediation, Applications, advantages and limitations VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Bioleaching, bio-sorption and phyto-remediation Bioleaching, Microbes in Bioleaching, Classification of bioleaching technology, Metal Recovery (mechanism), Bioleaching of Cu and Au, Microbial extraction of petroleum, Bio-sorption, Heavy metal contamination, Microbes used in Bio-sorption, Factors affecting Bio-sorption, Application, advantages and limitations, Phyto-remediation, Plants used for Phytoremediation, classification of Phyto-remediation, Examples of Phyto-remediation, Factors affecting the process of Phyto-remediation VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Energy Sources Conventional and non conventional energy sources, energy recovery systems for urban waste, gasification of wastes, syngas recycling process, feedlot wastes into pipeline gas, Biogas, production and purification, Fuels and chemicals from crops, production of oil from wood waste, methanol and ethanol production from organic wastes VIEW CHAPTERS
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