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MSRIT Food Biotechnology Sem 6 Elective
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1 Unit 1 Microorganisms in foods History of microorganisms in food, The Role and Significance of Microorganisms, Primary Sources of Microorganisms found in Foods, Types of Microorganisms in Foods, Synopsis of Common Food-borne bacteria, Synopsis of Genera of Molds Common to Foods, Synopsis of Genera of Yeasts Common to Foods VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Determining microorganisms and their products in foods Culture, Microscopic, and Sampling Methods, Conventional, SPC, Membrane Filters, Microscope colony Counts, Agar Droplets, Dry Films, Most probable Numbers (MPN), Dye-reduction, Roll Tubes, Direct Microscopic Count (DMC), Microbiological Examination of surfaces, Air Sampling, Enumeration and Detection of Food-borne Organisms VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Food spoilage and preservation Microbial Spoilage of Vegetables, Fruits, Fresh and Processed Meats, Poultry, Food Preservation using irradiation, Legal Status of Food Irradiation, Effect of Irradiation of Food constituents, Food Preservation with Low Temperatures, Food Preservation with High Temperatures, Preservation of Foods by Drying VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Biotechnology in food industry Common additives, organic foods, spoilage, prevention of spoilage, storage and preservation through biotechnological means, food packaging, Packaging methods and materials, Factors influencing food product development, Introduction to, Nutrition value, basal metabolic rate, , dietary strategies for individuals, Ecologically sustainable production, risks and benefits of biotechnology to food industry VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Nutraceuticals and Phytoceuticals Water soluble and fat soluble vitamins, functions and nutritional importance of vitamins, Deficiency diseases, prevention, Estimation of vitamins from the sample, Assay of vitamins, Essential amino acid, fatty acids, electrolytes, anti obesity nutraceuticals, Golden rice VIEW CHAPTERS
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