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MSRIT Bioprocess Control and Automation Sem 7
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1 Unit 1 Introduction Monitoring and control of bioreactors, Biochemical Reactor, Instrumentation, physical, chemical and bio-chemical parameters, Introduction to flow, pressure, temperature, pH, foam, DO, redox and level measurements, sensors for medium and gases, Online and offline measurements of cells, substrates and products, Process modeling, state and parameter estimation techniques for biochemical process VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Systems and Process Dynamics Process characteristics, I order system-examples, mercury in glass thermometer, level, mixing, Linearisation, I order system in series, interacting and non-interacting systems, Second order system with under damping, derivation of transfer function for various systems, dead time, response of I and II order over damped and under damped systems, to step, ramp, impulse (pulses) and sinusoidal changes, Numericals VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Controllers and Final Control Elements Controllers-discontinuous and continuous, two position control, proportional, derivative, integral control, proportional Reset (integral) (P+I), proportional +rate (derivative (P+D), proportional+reset+rate controller (PID), actuators, positioners, valve body, valve plugs, Valve characteristics, final control elements, Transfer functions for controllers and final control element, numerical VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Transient Response of Closed Loop Systems Block diagram reduction, block diagram & Transfer functions for servo and regulator problems, Transient response of I and II order processes for set point changes and load changes with proportional, PI, PD and PID controllers, numerical VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Stability of Closed Loop Control Systems Concepts of stability, stability criteria, Routh test for stability, Root-locus method, Bode plots and stability criteria, tuning of controllers, numericals VIEW CHAPTERS
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