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MSRIT Tissue Engineering 7 Elective
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1 Unit 1 Cell and Tissue Biology Introduction to cell  biology and biochemistry, Tissue development and organization, Stem cells (embryonic), Stem cells (adult), Introduction to cell adhesion, Adhesion Receptors in Tissue Structures, Cell Adhesion to Biomaterials, Measurement of Cell Adhesion, Effect of Biomaterial on Physiological Behavior, Introduction to cell migration, Characteristics of Mammalian Cell Migration, Regulation of Cell Movement, Cell Migration Assays, Mathematical Models for Cell Migration and Tissue Growth VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Extracellular Matrix Introduction, ECM and Functional Integration of Implanted Materials, Basement Membranes and Focal Adhesions, Focal Adhesions as Signaling Complexes, ECM and Skeletal Tissues, Sources of ECM for Tissue Engineering Applications, Properties of ECM , Mining the ECM for Functional Motifs, Summary of Functions of ECM Molecules, Polymeric Materials and their Surface Modification, Formation of Gradient Structures, Delivery of Growth Factors VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Biomaterials & Drug Delivery Systems Introduction to synthetic polymers, Biodegradable materials vs permanent materials, Natural biopolymers and hydrogels, Mechanical properties of biomaterials, Surface modification and characterization of polymers, Immune response to biomaterials, In vitro assessment/biocompatibility/protein adsorption, Polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering applications, Drug delivery, Mechanisms of Drug Delivery, Protein-Drug Properties, Drug Delivery in Tissue Engineering, Introduction to growth factors, Polymer scaffold delivery systems, Polymer hydrogel delivery systems, Polymer microsphere technology VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Tissue Engineering Bioreactors - Design and Fabrication Introduction, Most common Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering, Cell Seeding in Bioreactors, Bioreactor Applications in Functional Tissues, Design Considerations, Challenges in Bioreactor\ Technologies, Tissue Biomechanics, Scaffold design and fabrication, Natural Polymers for Scaffold Fabrication, Synthetic Polymers for Scaffold Fabrication, Scaffold Design Properties VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Clinical & Regulatory Aspects of Engineered Tissues Tissue Engineering of Skin, Bone Tissue Engineering, Cartilage Tissue Engineering, Neuronal, Tissue Engineering, Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering, Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering, (tendon/ligament/muscle), Adipose Tissue Engineering, Introduction, FDA Regulation, Regulation of Pharmaceutical / Medical Human Tissue Products in Europe, Regulation of Pharmaceutical / Medical Human Tissue Products in Japan, Other considerations Relevant to Engineered Tissues VIEW CHAPTERS
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