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MSRIT Plant Design, Economics and Entrepreneurship Sem 8
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1 Unit 1 Process Design Development & General Design Considerations Process design and development, flow diagrams, marketability of the product, availability of technology, raw materials, equipment design-specification and manufacturing/procurement, human resources, land and utilities, site characteristics, waste disposal, government regulations and other legal restrictions, community factors and other factors affecting investment and production costs,, Depreciation & interest and investment cost, Time value of Money, Types of Interests, Nominal and effective interest rates, Continuous interest, annuities, Perpetuities, Depreciation, Types of depreciation, Methods for estimating depreciation VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Cost Estimation Capital Investments, Fixed capital investments including land, building, equipment and utilities, installation costs, working capital investment, Cost indius, Manufacturing costs, Direct production costs (including raw materials, human resources, maintenance and repair, operating supplies, power and other utilities, royalties, etc,,), fixed charges, Plant Overhead cost, Administration, safety and other auxiliary services, payroll overhead, warehouse and storage facilities, Numericals VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Profitability, Alternative Investments and Replacements Profitability, basis for evaluating project profitability, Methods for profitability evaluation, Alternative investments, Replacements, Meaning and importance of Break-even point, Break-even chart and analysis VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Entrepreneurship Meaning and importance, concepts of entrepreneurship, characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, classification of entrepreneurs, myths of entrepreneurship, evolution of entrepreneurship, development of entrepreneurship, stages in entrepreneurial process, role of entrepreneurs in the economic development , entrepreneurship development in India, barriers for entrepreneurship, profiles of successful entrepreneurs, Identification of business opportunities, market, technical, financial and social feasibility studies, Preparation Report, meaning of the project, project identification, project selection, project report, need and significance of report, formulation and guidance by Planning Commission for project Report, network analysis, errors of project report, project appraisal VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Small scale Industries Definition, characteristics, need, rationale objectives, scope for SSIs, Role of SSI in economic development, advantages of SSI, Steps to start SSI, Govt, policies and support for SSI (during 5 year plans), Impact of liberalization, globalization of SSI, Effect of WTO/GATT, IPR and small Business enterprises, supporting agencies of Govt, for SSI  nature of support, objectives, types of help, Brief definitions and description of ancillary and tiny industry, IPR and small business tnerprises, Institutions supporting SSIs and SBEs  central and state level institutions Women entrepreneurs, definition, environment, challenges, for women entrepreneurs, strategies for development of women entrepreneurs self help groups, Institutions and women s organization supporting women entrepreneurs, profiles of successful women entrepreneurs VIEW CHAPTERS
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