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MSRIT Intellectual Property Rights Sem 8
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1 Unit 1 Process Design Development & General Design Considerations Why IP∞ Globalization, knowledge era, GATT & WTO, globalization, History of IPR, Different forms of IPR  Copyrights, Trademarks, Industrial designs, Layout design of integrated circuits, patents, Geographical Indications, Traditional Knowledge, Plant varieties, Trade Secrets, WIPO, TRIPS, Role of IPR in Research and Development VIEW CHAPTERS
Trademarks and Branding nature of trademarks and branding, tips on names for trademarks, acquiring trademarks protection, brand valuation, packaging and selling, increase the value of a technology through the use of trademark, trademark as an asset, Service marks, Case studies VIEW CHAPTERS
Copyright and Neighboring Rights meaning and characteristics of copyrights and neighboring rights, performers and broadcasting organizations rights, transfer of copyrights, infringement of copyright, defenses in copyright infringement, computer software and IPR, Case studies VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Cost Estimation Introduction of Patents, patent as an intellectual property, Brief history of patents-Indian and global scenario, types of patents, patent life cycle, criteria for patenting, novelty, inventiveness, utility, patentable subject matter, inventions that are not patentable, term of patent, maintenance of a patent, granted patents Vs, patent publications VIEW CHAPTERS
Ideas Generation and review of ideas, documenting ideas, literature scanning for possibility of IP rights, decision to go for IP protection or not, and consideration of choice of IP protection, disclosure, inventors interview, Process and Product Patents VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Profitability, Alternative Investments and Replacements Bar dates, Invention records  introduction, inclusive of third party, agreement, documentation, dates, experimenter/Inventor, witnessing VIEW CHAPTERS
Patent Contents front page contents, priority date, claims, specification, background, detailed description, brief description, industrial designs/design patents VIEW CHAPTERS
Patent Drafting Scopes of inventions, definitions, omnibus paragraphs, descriptions, drawings, claim drafting, industrial design drafting VIEW CHAPTERS
Filing requirements forms to be sent, assignment requirements, EU, and US requirements, brief descriptions of other countries requirements, filing mechanism  through individual patent office, PCT route, claiming priority from either route VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Entrepreneurship office actions, objections, rejections-novelty, inventiveness/nonobviousness, industrial applicability/utility, other forms of objections, objections due to inadequate disclosure, amendments Vs arguments VIEW CHAPTERS
Searching prior art, tangible vs, intangible prior art, search strategy-key words, structures, sequences, use of operators, databases for searching  free, paid, disclosed Vs, claimed matter, International search reports, pre-grant and post grant oppositions, grant or refusal of patents, infringement and prosecution in India, US and other countries, request for reexamination and revocation, terms of patent and patent renewal, Cost of getting and maintaining patents  in India, US and other countries, role of patent agents and attorneys, possibility of IPR as a career, Case studies VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Small scale Industries Origins of patent law in biotechnology, Diamond versus Anand Chakra borty case study, Patenting biotech products, Complex issues, moral issues, current patent practice and necessity of clear guidelines in biotechnology patent law, examples, Issues on patenting genes, Plant variety protection, UPOV, Plant breeder s rights, TRIPS and plant variety protection, Geographical Indications and protection of Traditional Knowledge Arts, The convention on Biological diversity, Impact on Indian Agriculture, Bt cotton story, protection of clinical and other research data VIEW CHAPTERS
IP Strategy Organizational IPR policy- IPR policy overview, employee contracts, employee entrance and exit procedures, processes for IP identification & classification, IP auditing and management, To procuring or not to procure IP, generating revenues from IP  selling or assigning, licensing, patent valuation VIEW CHAPTERS
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