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MSRIT Nano-Biotechnology Sem 8 Elective
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Introduction A Brief History of the Super Small, Definition of Nanobiotechnology, Discussions on nanofabrication, Bottom-Up versus Top-Down, Nanolithography, Microelectronic fabrication, Structure-property relationships in materials, biomoleculesurface interactions, Fabrication in Hard Materials, Silicon and glass materials, Hydrogels/PDMS/other polymers and base materials for nano-and microfabricated devices, Valuing Nanobiotechnology VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Nano Materials and their Characterization Buckyballs, Nanotubes, Nanobiotechnology, materials characterization techniques, scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy, DNA microarrays, quantum dots, and hybrid biological/inorganic devices, Scanning tunneling microscopy and Atomic force microscopy, Nanobiomaterials, Function and application of DNA based nanostructures VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Nanodiagnostics Diagnostics and Sensors, Rapid Ex-Vivo Diagnostics, Nanosensors as Diagnostics, Nanotherapeutics, Nanofabricated devices to separate and interrogate DNA, Interrogation of immune and neuronal cell activities through micro-and nanotechnology based tools and devices VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Drug Discovery and Drug Delivery Drug Discovery Using Nanocrystals, Drug Discovery Using Resonance Light Scattering (RLS) technology, Benefits of Nano-Imaging Agents, Drug Delivery using Nanobiosensors, Drug Delivery Applications, Bioavailability, Sustained and targeted release, Nanorobots, Benefits of Nano-Drug Delivery, Drug Delivery, Health Risks, and Challenges, Targeting, Drug Delivery Revenues, use of microneedles and Nanoparticles for highly controlled drug delivery VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Microfluids Laminar flow, Hagen  Pouiselle equation, basic fluid ideas, Special considerations of flow in small channels, mixing, microvalves & micropumps, Approaches toward combining living cells, microfluids and  the body on a chip, Chemotaxis, Case studies in Microfluidic devices, BioMEMS, Introduction and Overview, Biosignal Transduction Mechanisms, Electromagnetic Transducers Mechanical Transducers, Chemical Transducers, Optical Transducers  Sensig and Actuating mechanisms (for all types), Ultimate Limits of Fabrication and Measurement, Recent Developments in BioMEMS VIEW CHAPTERS
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