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2 UNIT 1 Introduction to Aircrafts History of aviation; Atmosphere and its properties; Classification of aircrafts; Basic components of an aircraft; structural members; aircraft axis system; aircraft motions; control surfaces and high lift devices; classification of aircraft; conventional design configurations; principle of operation of each major part; Helicopters, their parts and functions VIEW CHAPTERS
Aircraft Structures and Materials Introduction; general types of construction; monocoque, semimonocoque and geodesic structures; typical wing and fuselage structure; metallic and non-metallic materials for aircraft application VIEW CHAPTERS
3 UNIT 2 Basic principles of flight significance of speed of sound; airspeed and groundspeed; standard atmosphere; Bernoulli s theorem and its application for generation of lift and measurement of airspeed; forces over wing section, aerofoil nomenclature, pressure distribution over a wing section,Lift and drag components  generation of lift and drag; lift curve, drag curve, types of drag, factors affecting lift and drag; centre of pressure and its significance; aerodynamic centre, aspect ratio, Mach number and supersonic flight effects; simple problems on lift and drag, VIEW CHAPTERS
4 UNIT 3 Aircraft Propulsion Aircraft power plants, classification based on power plant and location and principle of operation, Turboprop, turbojet and turbofan engines; ramjets and scramjets; performance characteristics, Aircraft powerplants  basic principles of piston, turboprop and jet engines; Brayton cycle and its application to gas turbine engines; use of propellers and jets for production of thrust; comparative merits and limitations of different types of propulsion engines; principle of thrust augmentation, VIEW CHAPTERS
5 UNIT 4 Aircraft Stability Forces on an aircraft in flight; static and dynamic stability; longitudinal, lateral and roll stability; necessary conditions for longitudinal stability; basics of aircraft control systems, Effect of flaps and stats on lift, control tabs, stalling, gliding, landing, turning, aircraft manoeuvres; stalling, gliding, turning, Simple problems on these, Performance of aircraft  power curves, maximum and minimum speeds for horizontal flight at a given altitude; effect of changes in engine power and altitude on performance; correct and incorrect angles of bank; aerobatics, inverted manoeuvre, manoeuvrability, Simple problems, VIEW CHAPTERS
6 UNIT 5 Aircraft Systems Mechanical systems and their components; hydraulic and pneumatic systems; oxygen System; environmental Control System; fuel system, Electrical systems, flight deck and cockpit systems; navigation system, communication system VIEW CHAPTERS
Aircraft systems (Mechanical) hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their applications; environment control system; fuel system, oxygen system VIEW CHAPTERS
Aircraft systems (Electrical) flight control system, cockpit instrumentation and displays; communication systems; navigation systems; power generation systems  engine driven alternators, auxiliary power Module, ram air turbine; power conversion, distribution and management, VIEW CHAPTERS
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