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Chapter 1 * Research and Research Methodology
SUBJECT : Mathematics
AUTHOR : Arun Murthy T.V.S
PUBLISHED ON : 08/02/19
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 11 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 5.5

Curiosity is a characteristic feature of human beings. Everyone has curious nature to know about the unknowns of the surrounding that we live in. Whenever a question arises, we seek answers to them in terms of a solution. Research is a systematic search for an answer to a question. The world is full of uncertainties and anything operating in these spheres needs the support of research by which one can decrease the probability of making incorrect decisions. Choosing the best among the available alternatives is an important activity. Research provides an analytical framework for subject matter of investigation as it establishes the relationship between different variables. Research experiments establish the causal relationships between the variables leading to erratic observations, generalizations and conclusions. In this chapter, we aim to understand the meaning, need and importance of research for making intelligent decisions.

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