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Chapter 3 * Scientific Method and Hypothesis Testing
SUBJECT : Mathematics
AUTHOR : Arun Murthy T.V.S
PUBLISHED ON : 08/02/19
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 10 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 5

As discussed in the section 1.1 the world is full of uncertainties. This century of globalization has witnessed a rapid growth in the size and complexity of human organizations. Taking into account the size of modern business, uncontrolled conditions of working, individuals, behaviour or any single wrong decision can be very costly and have spill over influences. There are several methods for reducing this uncertainty such as tenacity, authority, sixth sense and scientific method. One with tenacity - inflexible attitude - has a set views and wishes to remain unchanged. The decision maker will not have any internal doubts about his opinion and does not want to consider facts. Tenacity is easy to follow but results can be disastrous. In the method of authority, decision maker shifts the challenges to higher authority. The higher authority might be traditional authority level in the organization, a company policy, a rule book or a tribunal. In the event of a wrong decision, the decision maker blames the respected source he has followed. This method is widely followed in government departments and public sector under takings. Sixth sense is the power of knowing without resource to reasoning. It can be a low-level intuition. Lack of time, money, expertise and ignorance are some of the reasons to follow this method.

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