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Procedure for Domestic Enquiry
SUBJECT : Perfect Domestic Enquiry
AUTHOR : Kulkarni V V
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 43 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 32.25

Causes of Indiscipline in Industry, Methods of Handling Indiscipline in Industrial Organisation, Standing Orders, Misconduct, Workman, Principles of Natural Justice, Examination - in - Chief, Cross - Examination, Suspension Pending Enquiry, Competent Authority, Victimisation and Unfair Labour Practice, Some Do's and Don'ts, Fair and Reasonable Opportunity to be Provided, Ordering Enquiry and Appointment of an Enquiry Officer, Conducting Domestic Enquiry, Report of the Enquiry Officer, Consideration of the Report of Enquiry Officer and Awarding Punishment, Specimen Copy of the Enquiry Proceedings, The Stages of Conducting Domestic Enquiry, Explanation of the Charge, Documentation, Evidence, Formats, Specimen Copy of the Charge Sheet, Specimen Copy of the MIR, Complaint Format, Specimen Copy of the PIR, Specimen Copy of the Enquiry Officer Report, Enquiry Officer's Answers, Important Words and Definitions, What Constitutes Riotous Behaviour, Meaning of Word "Riotous", No Specific Test, Frequently asked Questions, Disciplinary Action, Misconduct, Charge Sheet, Enquiry Officer, Enquiry, Witnesses and Evidence, Punishments


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