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Analytical Geometry
SUBJECT : Mathematics
AUTHOR : Pandurangappa C
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 135 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 101.25

Co-Ordinates of a Point in a Space  Distance formula  Division (section) formulae  Midpoint formula  Direction cosines (dc's) of a line  Relation between the direction cosines of a line  Direction ratios (DR's) of a line  Relation between direction cosines (DC's) and direction ratios (DR's)  The direction ratios (DR's) of the line joining two points  Projection of a line segment  Angle between two lines  Projection of the line joining two points  Planes  Intercept form of a plane  Three point form of a plane  Normal Form of Equation of a Plane  Transformation to the Normal Form  Angle between Two Planes  Condition for Perpendicularity  Condition for Parallelism  Perpendicular Distance of a Point from a Plane  Reflection (Image) of a Point in the Plane  Equation of Plane through Intersection of the Planes  Equation of Planes Bisecting the Angles between Two Planes  Distance between Parallel Planes  Condition for Four Points to be Coplanar  Straight lines  Symmetrical Form  Any point on the Line  Two Points form of Equation of Line  Conversion of Non-symmetrical form into Symmetrical Form  Plane and a line  Angle between a Line and a Plane  Conditions for a Line to Lie in a Plane  Condition for Two Lines to Intersect (or to be coplanar)  Shortest Distance between Two Skew Lines

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