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Suitability, Advantage, Application of Simulation
SUBJECT : Computer Science
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 8 Pages)
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Simulation is process of imitating how the real world process or a system operates over time. This can be done either on a computing system or manually which involves the generation of an artificial history of any system and its observations, to infer the characteristics of a real system. To simulate is to copy the behavior of a system or phenomenon under study. Over time, the system's behavior is studied and a simulation model is developed which makes certain assumptions which reflect the operation of the system. These are expressed in mathematical, logical and symbolic relationships amongst the elltities or objects of interest of the system. Once it is developed and validated, the model can be used, to test with the real world parameters. Probable changes to the system can first be simulated to predict the actual system's performance. Simulation is also used to study the systems at design stage before they are actually built. Hence, simulation modeling can be used both as an analysis tool to study the effect of the changes to existing systems and also as a design tool to know the behavior of the new system for varying circumstances.

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