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Adaptive Radiation (Both Extinct and Extant) (Reptilia)
SUBJECT : Zoology
AUTHOR : Vimala C M
PUBLISHED ON : 07/04/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 12 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 9

The Mesozoic era is considered to be the golden age of reptiles. It was at this era that the reptiles roamed the earth and occupied different habitats. The reptiles were at first seen in the aquatic environment, as they became specialized to live on land they quickly diverged into the various habitats available. The reptiles became completely terrestrial, some even became adapted for an aerial life. Few of the reptiles returned to water and became completely adapted for a marine life. The reptiles diverged into two evolutionary lines and gave rise to birds and mammals before the age of reptiles ended. There were many species representing fourteen orders of reptiles during the Mesozoic era, today they have been reduced to just four orders as many of the species have become extinct.

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