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Accessory Respiratory Organs, In Anabas, Clarias and Heteropneustes (Super Class Pisces)
SUBJECT : Zoology
AUTHOR : Vimala C M
PUBLISHED ON : 07/04/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 3 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 2.25

Normally fishes respire with the help of gills. There are some fishes, which possess other organs that help them to take in atmospheric oxygen. The extra organs are in the form of air bladder, buccal cavity, alimentary canal, skin, air chambers are extra organs that are vascularised. They are called the accessory respiratory organs. The accessory respiratory organs enable the fishes to live outside water for a short period, to tide over drought conditions, to aestivate (summer sleep) and to live in water having biological oxygen debt. These organs are modifications of the branchial arches and/or the gill chamber. The fishes that possess accessory respiratory organs are Anabas, Amphipnous, Saccobranchus, Clarias, Lepidosiren and protopterus, Ceratodus, Pleuronectus, Acipenser etc.

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