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SUBJECT : Fundamentals of Electric Circuits with Pspice
AUTHOR : Aravinda Murthy AS
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 27 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 20.25

Transient, as applicable to electric circuits, stands for the general meaning of the term 'transition'. Whenever a circuit is excited by a source, there is a time interval before the response attains a steady state. During this interval of transition, whatever happens to the response is termed as transient response. The importance of transient response is that, though for a small period of transition, the response could reach values much higher than that it attains when it settles to a steady value; there could also be oscillations during the transient period. In other words, the type of response during the transition period would be totally different from that after the end of this period, qualitatively and quantitatively. It is the presence of reactive elements namely the inductor and capacitor in a DC circuit, which is responsible for the transients.

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