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Orbital Mechanics
SUBJECT : Satellite Communication
AUTHOR : Raman S K
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 27 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 20.25

Orbital Mechanics, Satellite in Orbit, Orbit Definition: (Orbital Elements), Definition of "Apogee" and "Perigee" for an Elliptical Orbit, Kepler's Laws, Calenders, Orbital Plane and Satellite Position in The Orbit, Positioning of The Satellite in The Geostationary Orbit, Ground Station Antenna Look Angles (Orienting The Earth Station, Antenna Towards The Satellite), Polar Mount Antenna, Radio Visibility (Limits of Visibility) for The Geo Stationary Satellite, Sun Synchronous Orbit, Orbital Perturbations, Orbit Determination, Doppler Frequency Shift for A Leo (Low Earth Orbiting) Satellite Transmission, Earth Eclipse of Satellite, Sun Transit Outage, Launch Vehicles and Launching Orbits, Definitions Orbit Related Terms

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