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Wireless Communication and Networks
SUBJECT : Satellite Communication
AUTHOR : Raman S K
PUBLISHED ON : 09/06/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 47 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 35.25

Other Communication Topics, Wireless Communication and Networks, Introduction, Various Types of Networks, Seven Layer Osi (Open System Interconnection) Model, Mobile Communication Networks, Cellular Mobile Telephone System: Overview, Definitions for Cellular Mobile System, Call Making Process, Mobile Communications 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generations, GSM, Components in A Cellular Mobile System, Cellular System (Or Network) Components, 3g Radio Network Controllers, Identification for Cellular Components, Call Establishment & Call Release, Wireless Network Architecture and Operation, Methods of Increasing The Capacity of System, Cellular Backhaul Networks, Mobility Management, Radio Resources and Power Management, Wireless Network Security, Gsm and Cdma Details, Cdma Technology for Mobile Communication, Wireless Modulation Techniques and Hardware, Path Loss Models, Multi-path and Doppler Effects, Coding Techniques for Wireless Communication, Speech Coding, Digital Modulation Techniques, Wireless Lan/ieee 802.11x Technologies, Introduction to Wireless Pans/ieee 802.15x, Introduction to Broadband Wireless Man/ Ieee 802.16x

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