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SUBJECT : Mechanical Engineering
PUBLISHED ON : 06/02/17
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Mechanics,Kinematics,Dynamics,Plane motion,Link or element,Degrees of freedom (DOF),Types of kinematic pairs,Kinematic chain,Mechanism,Machine,Planar mechanisms,Degrees of freedom/mobility of a mechanism,Grubler’s equation,Examples of determination of degrees of freedom of planar mechanisms,Inversions of mechanism,Four bar chain,Inversions of four bar chain,Crank-rocker mechanism,Drag link mechanism,Double crank mechanism,Slider crank chain,Inversions of slider crank chain,Rotary engine – I inversion of slider crank mechanism. (crank fixed),Whitworth quick return motion mechanism–I inversion of slider crank mechanism,Crank and slotted lever quick return motion mechanism – II inversion of slider crank mechanism (connecting rod fixed),Oscillating cylinder engine–II inversion of slider crank mechanism (connecting rod fixed).Pendulum pump or bull engine–III inversion of slider crank mechanism (slider fixed).Double slider crank chain,Scotch –Yoke mechanism.,Inversions of double slider crank mechanism:,Elliptical trammel,Oldham coupling,Straight line motion mechanisms,Condition for exact straight line motion,Peaucellier exact straight line motion mechanism,Approximate straight line motion mechanism,Robert’s mechanism,Intermittent motion mechanisms,Geneva wheel mechanism,Ratchet and pawl mechanism,Toggle mechanism,Pantograph,Hooke’s joint (Universal joints),Condition for perfect steering,Ackermann steering gear mechanism

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