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Chapter-3: Photoelasticity
SUBJECT : Mechanical Engineering
PUBLISHED ON : 10/02/17
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Photoelasticity, Nature of light, Properties of light, The wave equation, Stress-optic law-two dimensional case, Polarization, Types of polarization, Plane polarization or linear polarization, circular polarization, elliptical polarization, Plane polariscope, isochromatics and isoclinics, Analysis through trigonometric resolutions, (effects of a stressed model in a plane polariscope), Circular polariscope, Circular polariscope – dark-field arrangements, Circular polariscope – light field arrangements, Isoclinic and isochromatic fringe order at a point, Compensation technique, Methods of compensation, babinet-soleil compensator, tardy’s method of compensation, friedel’s method of compensation, Fringe multiplication by photographic methods, Calibration methods of photo elastic model material, Use of a tension specimen, use of rectangular beam under pure bending,

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