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MicroProcessor Lab 4th Semester
SUBJECT : Electronics and Communication
PUBLISHED ON : 11/03/17
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 83 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 41.5

Laboratory Experiments: 1. Programs involving: Data transfer instructions like: i) Byte and word data transfer indifferent addressing Modes ii) Block move (with and without overlap) iii) Block interchange 2. Programs involving: Arithmetic & logical operations like: i) Addition and Subtraction of multi precision nos. ii) Multiplication and Division of signed and unsigned Hexadecimal nos. iii) ASCII adjustment instructions iv) Code conversions 3. Programs involving: Bit manipulation instructions like checking: i) Whether given data is positive or negative ii) Whether given data is odd or even iii) Logical 1ís and 0ís in a given data iv) 2 out 5 code v) Bit wise and nibble wise palindrome 4. Programs involving: Branch/L Loop instructions like i) Arrays: addition/subtraction of N nos., Finding largest and smallest nos., Ascending and descending order ii) Two application programs using Procedures and Macros (Subroutines) 5. Programs involving String manipulation like string transfer, string reversing, searching for a string 6. Programs involving Programs to use DOS interrupt INT 21h Function calls for Reading a Character from keyboard, Buffered Keyboard input, Display of character/ String on console 7. Interfacing Experiments: Experiments on interfacing 8086 with the following interfacing modules through DIO (Digital Input/Output - PCI bus compatible card / 8086 Trainer) 1. Matrix keyboard interfacing 2. Seven segment display interface 3. Logical controller interface 4. Stepper motor interface 5. Analog to Digital Converter Interface (8 bit) 6. Light dependent resistor ( LDR ), Relay and Buzzer Interface to make light operated switches

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