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Namespaces, Classes, Objects and Structs
SUBJECT : .NET Technologies
AUTHOR : Namratha K
PUBLISHED ON : 11/03/17
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 35 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 17.5

The C# programming language offers a rich set of functionalities and powerful constructs that allow you to quickly and easily create new applications with minimum code. The most basic aspect of programming involves the use of following:  Namespaces: Allow to group different entities such as classes, objects, and functions under a common name.  Classes: Represents data structure that may contain data members, such as constants and fields, function members, such as methods, properties, events and nested types.  Objects: Represents a building block that helps you to access the members of a class, such as fields, methods and properties  Structs: Represents data structures that can contain data members and function members.

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