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Basic Electrical Engineering
SUBJECT : Basic Electrical Engineering
PUBLISHED ON : 26/04/17
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 93 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 51.15

1a. D.C.Circuits:Ohm‟s Law and Kirchhoff‟s Laws, analysis of series, parallel and series- parallel circuits excited by independent voltage sources. Power and Energy.Illustrative examples. 5 Hours 1b. Electromagnetism: Review of field around a conductor, coil, magnetic flux and flux density, magneto motive force and magnetic field intensity, reluctance and permeability, definition of magnetic circuit and basic analogy between electric and magnetic circuits. Electromagnetic induction: Definition of Electromagnetic Induction, Faradays Laws, Fleming‟s right hand rule, Lenz‟s Law, Statically and dynamically induced emf. Concept of self-inductance, mutual inductance and coefficient of coupling. Energy stored in magnetic field. Illustrative examples. Force on current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field, Fleming‟s left handrule.

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