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SUBJECT : Basic Electronics VTU
AUTHOR : Pramod Kumar
PUBLISHED ON : 19/12/17
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 11 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 6.6

Transducers are the devices that are used to convert one form of energy to another form. They convert physical quantities such as pressure, force, temperature etc. that are suitable for measurement into another forms. Transducers are extensively used in industries, medical diagnostic instruments, automobiles etc." A transducer is a device or combination of element which respond to the physical condition or chemical state of a substance and converts it into an output signal". The output signal from a transducer may be an electrical or mechanical parameter which can be easily measured. If a transducer produces a mechanical nature signal as its output proportional to its input energy, then it is called a mechanical transducer. If a transducer produces electrical signals as its output, then it is called as electrical transducer. Based on their operation, transducers are classified as active transducers and passive transducers. Active transducers produce voltage and current as their output signal from the physical quantities being measured. Passive transducers require an external force to produce electrical output signals. The examples of active transducers are Thermo-couple, piezoelectric transducers, photoelectric cell and photovoltaic cell. The passive transducers are Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT), Thermistor, Hall Effect sensor, Photomultiplier and Resistance strain gauge.

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