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Computer Communication & Networks
SUBJECT : Electronics and Communication
AUTHOR : Savita C H & Anupama
PUBLISHED ON : 26/12/17
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 20 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 11

Functions : Physical characteristics of interfaces & medium: It defines the characteristics of the interface between the devices and the transmission medium. It defines the type of transmission medium. Representation of bits: It consists of a stream of bits (0s or 1s). To be transmitted, bits must be encoded signals electrical or optical. Data rate: It defines the number of bits transmitted per second. Synchronization of bits: The sender and receiver not only must use the same bit rate but also must be synchronized at the bit level. Line configuration: Concerned with the connection of devices to the media.. 1.Point to Point configuration 2.Multipoint configuration. Physical topology: Defines how devices are connected to make a network, Mesh, Star, Ring, Bus topologies are used. Transmission mode: Defines the direction of transmission between two devices: Simplex, Half-duplex, Full- duplex.

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