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SUBJECT : System Software & Compiler Design
AUTHOR : Nisha Choudhary
PUBLISHED ON : 30/01/18
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 170 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 42.5

Parser for any grammar is program that takes as input string w (obtain set of strings tokens from the lexical analyzer) and produces as output either a parse tree for w , if w is a valid sentences of grammar or error message indicating that w is not a valid sentences of given grammar. The goal of the parser is to determine the syntactic validity of a source string is valid, a tree is built for use by the subsequent phases of the computer. The tree reflects the sequence of derivations or reduction used during the parser. Hence, it is called parse tree. If string is invalid, the parse has to issue diagnostic message identifying the nature and cause of the errors in string. Every elementary subtree in the parse tree corresponds to a production of the grammar. There are two ways of identifying an elementry sutree:

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