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Photo Chemistry
AUTHOR : K K Padmanabha
PUBLISHED ON : 09/04/18
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 23 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 14.95

Ordinary reactions are initiated by activation due to molecular collisions. The average kinetic energy of translational motion (4.184 kJmol-1) is not sufficient to brought about chemical transformation, which requires about 40 - 60 kJmol-1of energy. Another way to provide activation is to bring the molecule to collide with photons of UV light, X-rays, or 􀁊-rays. Thus photochemistry deals with photons of chemical reactions that take place in presence of light. The energy of activation provided by light is about 90 -900 kJmol-1. In photochemical reactions, molecules are activated by the absorption of light.

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