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SUBJECT : Engineering Chemistry
AUTHOR : K K Padmanabha, Madhukala K L, Pradeep Kaushik, Vatsalya Krupa
PUBLISHED ON : 10/04/18
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 15 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 9.75

Enzymes are the catalysts for the chemical reactions of life. Nearly all chemical reactions in biological systems are catalysed by enzymes and they are often referred to as biological catalysts They are the most remarkable compounds and affect the life to such an extent that life has aptly been called as “an orderly function of enzymes”. An enzyme is a very complex molecule consisting of a high molecular weight protein molecule. Many enzymes are simple proteins. Eg: pepsin, trypsin, ribonuclease, lysozyme etc. But more commonly they are conjugated proteins and contain a non-protein component (prosthetic group) which is essential for the enzyme activity. This non protein component may be either a covalent molecule or a metal ion and generally referred to as cofactor. The cofactor is called a coenzyme if it is a covalent molecule and an activator if it is a metal ion. The protein part of the enzyme is called the apoenzyme. A complete, catalytically active enzyme together with its coenzyme or metal is called a holoenzyme.

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