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SUBJECT : Engineering Chemistry
AUTHOR : K K Padmanabha, Madhukala K L, Pradeep Kaushik, Vatsalya Krupa
PUBLISHED ON : 10/04/18
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 17 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 11.05

Life on earth depends on the 􀃀 ow of energy from the thermonuclear reactions occurring at the heart of sun. Thus energy for all biological processes ultimately comes from sun. Living cells have complex and ef􀂿 cient systems to change energy form one form to another, transforming the radiant energy from the sun into the chemical and mechanical energy used by everything that is alive. There are three major stages of energy transformation in the biological world. In the 􀂿 rst stage the green plants capture the radiant energy of ] sunlight and use it to convert water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates such as glucose, starch and other food stuff molecules. This process is termed as photosynthesis and occurs in chloroplasts of green plants and in certain Bacteria. The second stage consists of the carbohydrates and other food stuffs into biologically useful energy which is stored in energy rich phosphate bonds of ATP molecules and other compounds. This process is termed as cellular respiration. It consume oxygen and produces carbon dioxide and water, completing the cycling of molecules. Cellular respiration occurs in mitochodria, present in eucaryotic cells. In the third stage the chemical energy of energy no phosphate bonds is utilized by the cells to perform biological work (mechanical, osmotic, electrical or chemical)

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