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Title      : Kinematics of Machines
Subject      : Mechanical Engineering
copyright © 2018   : Ghousia College of Engineering
Publisher      : Ghousia College of Engineering
Chapters/Pages      : 3/0
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MECHANISMS Total views (31)  
Mechanics,Kinematics,Dynamics,Plane motion,Link or element,Degrees of freedom (DOF),Types of kinematic pairs,Kinematic chain,Mechanism,Machine,Planar mechanisms,Degrees of freedom/mobility of a mechanism,Grublerís equation,Examples of determination of degrees of freedom of planar mechanisms,Inversions of mechanism,Four bar chain,Inversions of four bar chain,Crank-rocker mechanism,Drag link mechani ......
Pages: 0
Price: Rs 0   
CAMS Total views (7)  
CAMS,INTRODUCTION,Types of cams,Disk or plate cam ,Cylindrical cam ,Translating cam ,Types of followers:(i) Based on surface in contact. (a) Knife edge follower (b) Roller follower (c) Flat faced follower (d) Spherical follower (ii) Based on type of motion: (a) Oscillating follower (b) Translating follower Cam nomenclature ,Types of follower motion:follower motion with, (a) Uniform ......
Pages: 0
Price: Rs 0   
GEARS Total views (7)  
Gears,Introduction,Friction Wheels,Applications,Gear Classification,Gears for connecting parallel shafts,Spur gears,Parallel helical gears,Gears for connecting intersecting shafts: Bevel gears,Neither parallel nor intersecting shafts,Worm and worm gear,Terminology for Spur Gears,Terminology,Conjugate Profiles ,Involute Curve,Generation of the Involute Curve,Properties of Involute Curves ,Cycloidal ......
Pages: 0
Price: Rs 0   

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