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Title      : MCJ - 13 Communication Theory and Research
Subject      : Mass Communication and Journalism
copyright © 2018   : Karnataka State Open University
Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
Chapters/Pages      : 20/231
Total Price      : Rs.      : 166
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Nature, Process & Functions of Communication Total views (230)  
Communication is the process of exchanging information. It also involves some behavioural input. Leading our lives without communication is impossible. So it is very essential to know the importance, definitions and purposes of communication. Communication process is vital in explaining the situations in which we are living.
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 0   
Levels of Communication Total views (225)  
Communication is always a purposeful activity. People engage in communication to achieve something in life. In fact, it regulates and shapes all human behaviour. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the concepts of human communication. What is communication? Why is it importance to us? What are the various levels of communication that we are engaged in and how communication ......
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 7.5   
Models of Communication Total views (224)  
Communication is one of the central phenomena in our lives. It has tremendous significance in our day-to-day living. In the dynamic process of communication, the main elements of sender, message and receiver assume distinctive characteristics. It is therefore important that we have a clear idea of the various elements of the communication process and the relationships among them.
Pages: 15
Price: Rs 11.25   
Communication and Culture Total views (223)  
If you understand an individual's cultuer and cultural values you can be a successful communicator by adapting yourself to the situation. But what is culture? What are the cultural values? How do they affect your perception of world view and moreover your communication behaviour? How is culture promoted by mass media? All these questions are to be answered. In addition, the process of media global ......
Pages: 9
Price: Rs 6.75   
Government, Society and Communication Total views (226)  
In this unit, we shall discuss and analyse the significance of good governance with the element of public accountability, which constitutes an outstanding feature of a democracy like India. We shall also examine the typical features associated with the Indian society and the role of communication in the achievement of development in this pluralistic society.
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 5.25   
Nature and Development of Theory Total views (219)  
The word 'theory' comes from the Greek word 'theoria' which means examination or inquiry. It is a system of basic ideas in some field of knowledge, a form of scientific knowledge presenting an integral picture of the laws and essential connections of reality.
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 7.5   
Control and Responsibility Total views (218)  
The mass media have attained the position of a significant social institution. Modern human societies are structured according to economic, political and cultural norms. Some dominant ideas are in a way shaping and controlling society and there are conflicts all the time in all societies. These conflicts arise out of imbalances existing in various areas and they are expressed in the media.
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Learning Theories Total views (217)  
Psychologists use the learning more broadly than it is used in speech communication, especially in popular speech. In psychological usage, what is learnt need not be 'correct' or adaptive since we learn bad habits as well as good. And learning need not always be conscious or deliberate.
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Cognitive Theories Total views (216)  
The dictionary meaning of 'cognition' is knowledge. In psychology, it means knowing in the widest sense, including sensation and perception distinguished from emotion and conation. Conation refers to the active aspect of mind including desire and volition.
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 5.25   
Middle Range Theories Total views (218)  
American sociologist Robert Merton advocated middle range theories as part of his noted work 'Social Theory and Social Structure' in 1957. Middle range theories may be described as the ones that lie in between the minor working hypotheses that come up in day to day research and the systematic efforts to develop unified theory that seek to explain all the observed uniformities of social behaviour.
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
Nature and Significance of Communication Research Total views (218)  
Communication as a discipline of academic study has become important and interesting. With its roots in various other disciplines like sociology, psychology, political science and even law, has over a period of time acquired a distinct character. Mass media have become a globalising agent and brought different peoples and cultures closer than ever before in the human history.
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Approaches to Communication Research Total views (214)  
The study of communication as a scientific discipline requires an understanding of its goals and methods. All sciences have some common goals viz., understanding the nature of the phenomenon, prediction and control. The pursuits of communication science are similar. It tries to understand the nature of the communication process - the various elements involved in the process, their interaction with ......
Pages: 19
Price: Rs 14.25   
Data Analysis Procedures Total views (213)  
The various data take on different forms. It may be simple categorization, ranking, rating, score or some other form of measure. Many a time data are in terms of simple categories. You may classify the newspaper readers as males or females, or the newspaper contents as political news, business news, sports news, and so on. Some of the data may be in the form of rankings.
Pages: 19
Price: Rs 14.25   
Audience Research Total views (228)  
The relationship between media and their audiences is quite interesting. The moot question who influences whom has been researched upon for decades, but still a final answer is yet to be found out. The very term 'media audience' denotes duality. A simple definition is that an audience is 'the aggregate of persons forming the readers, listeners, viewers for different media or their component items ......
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Writing Research Reports Total views (218)  
A research report is a written document where a researcher gives a summary of his research work. It should highlight all major aspects of the research work done. It will include the reason and goals of the work under taken, the period of research, details of the purpose, method employed and results obtained. It will end with the conclusions the researcher has arrived at.
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Women and Media Total views (215)  
Through this unit, we study women and the media at different levels for understanding the issues involved in the role of media in women's development. First let us understand the socio-economic milieu of women and how it is impending women's advancement in society. Another level is the study of the portrayal of women in the media that perpetuates the image of women in the society concerned.
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
Children and Media Total views (215)  
The mass media are institutions of public instruction. They are part of the sociopolitical, economic, and cultural aspects of our life. Newspapers, radio, motion pictures and television constitute the major mass media. Media play a vital role in presenting facts, shaping opinions and providing us with pictures of a world that we would not otherwise see.
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Media and Violence Total views (215)  
The attitude and behaviour of any individual is generally governed by various factors. The violence is a part of human life. It is only a matter of degree of difference. One of the significant factors, which will increase violente attitude among humans is the socio-economic background of an individual. Peer influence may be another reason for the same.
Pages: 9
Price: Rs 6.75   
Media and Globalisation Total views (232)  
In this unit, we will study the impact of globalisation of media. Globalisation is a term commonly used for influence and control of transnational and multinational nature on a country, or an aspect of society. As the Indian economy gets integrated with the world economy under the World Trade Organisation commitments, globalisation has affected many facets of our economy like industry, agriculture ......
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Media in Public Service Total views (224)  
Mass media in any democratic society, as already stated, are of dual nature. They are both a commercial venture and a public service. The various publics expect the media to serve them by informing, interpreting and investigating public issues. From the formation of public opinion to publicity and propaganda through the adoption of techniques of persuasion, the media functions are multifarious. In ......
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 7.5   

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