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Title      : PUC Biology Volume II
Subject      : Biology
copyright © 2018   : Sundar Ram M.J.
Author      : Sundar Ram M.J.
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 11/362
Total Price      : Rs.      : 236
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Bioenergetics Total views (978)  
Introduction, Photosynthesis, Respiration.
Pages: 49
Price: Rs 0   
Growth and Growth Regulators in Plants Total views (986)  
Growth, Growth Regulators-Definition of Growth Regulators, Role of Plant Hormones, Synthetic Growth Regulators and Applications.
Pages: 9
Price: Rs 6.75   
Biodiversity Total views (989)  
Definition and Types - Ecosystem or Habitat Diversity, Species Diversity and Genetic Diversity, Biodiversity Profiles of India and Karnataka: Species Diversity. Endemic Species, Threatened Species and Endangered Species, Benefits of Biodiversity, Biodiversity Depletion, Intellectual Property Rights - Patenting Life Forms, Concept of Ecosystem Sustainability, Global Issues.
Pages: 46
Price: Rs 34.5   
Genetics Total views (2591)  
Mendelian Genetics, Deviations from Mendelian Laws, Genetic Disorders in Man.
Pages: 39
Price: Rs 29.25   
Continuity of Life Total views (2593)  
Part A-Gametogenesis-Spermatogenesis - Formation of Spermatids and Spermiogenesis, Ultrastructure of Human Sperm, Oogenesis, Generalised Structure of Ovum, Fertilization, Early Development of Frog. Part B-A Brief Account of-Fertilization, Implantation, Placenta, Role of gonadotropins and sex hormones in males and females meaning of menstrual cycle. Fertility Control, Infertility Control, Sexually ......
Pages: 48
Price: Rs 36   
Biotechnology Total views (2652)  
Introduction, Genetic Engineering, Recombinant DNA Technology and Its Application, Brief Account of- DNA fingerprinting, Gene therapy, Human genome project, Monoclonal antibodies, Improvement of Crop Plants, Improvement of Animals, Hazards and Safeguards of Genetic Engineering.
Pages: 58
Price: Rs 43.5   
Plant Histology and Anatomy Total views (2646)  
Introduction, Meristem, Permanent Tissue, Definition of the Terms: Primary and Secondary Tissues, Secondary Growth in Dicot Stem.
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
Water Relations of Plants Total views (2681)  
Fundamental Concepts, Absorption of Water, Ascent of Sap, Loss of Water in Plants, Translocation of Solutes.
Pages: 22
Price: Rs 16.5   
Biosystematics Total views (2690)  
Introduction, Linnaean Systematic Hierarchy, Five Kingdom System of Classification.
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Cell biology Total views (2693)  
Cell Structure-Structure and Functions of Cell Components, Differences Between Animal and Plant Cells, Chromosomes, Cell Reproduction.
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 21   
Molecular Biology Total views (3882)  
Nucleic Acids-Structure of DNA Double Helix or Watson and Crick's Model of DNA, Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), The Gene, The Genetic Code and Genetic Control of Protein Synthesis
Pages: 35
Price: Rs 26.25   

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