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Title      : Introductory Mathematics IV
Subject      : Mathematics
Author      : Pandurangappa C
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 5/104
Total Price      : Rs.      : 68
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Group Theory Total views (5835)  
Recapitulation , Sub Group, Cyclic group, Coset decomposition of a group. Lagrange's Theorem
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 0  
Differential Calculus Total views (5864)  
Taylor's Theorem for a Function of Two Variables, Maclaurin's Series, Maxima and Minima, Lagrange's Method of Undetermined Multipliers
Pages: 29
Price: Rs 21.75  
Integral Calculus Total views (5852)  
Gamma and Beta functions
Pages: 42
Price: Rs 31.5  
Linear Programming Total views (5861)  
Mathematical Formulation of LPP, Solution of LPP by Graphical Method, Solution of LPP by Simplex Method.
Pages: 19
Price: Rs 14.25  
Laplace Transfomation Total views (5856)  
Transform of Standard Functions, Properties of Laplace Transforms, Transform of a Periodic Function, Transform of the Heaviside or Unit Step Function, Transform of Dirac - Delta or Unit Impulse Function, Transform of Derivatives, Transform of Integrals, The Convolution Theorem, Inverse Laplace Transforms, Properties of Inverse Laplace Transforms, Inverse Laplace transforms by using Convolution The......
Pages: 0
Price: Rs 0  

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