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Title      : Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science Engineers
Subject      : Discrete Mathematics
copyright © 2018   : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Author      : Jayant Ganguly
Publisher      : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Chapters/Pages      : 10/507
Total Price      : Rs.      : 345
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Mathematical Logic Total views (752)  
Introduction, Divisions of Logic, Statements, Truth Values, Ascertaining Truth Values of More General Compound Propositions, Conditional Statements (Implication), Biconditional (Biimplication), Logical Equivalence, Demorgan's Laws, Tautologies and Contradictions, Logical Equivalences-the Laws of Logic, Duality, Substitution Rules, Statement Formulas, Arguments (Revisited), Validity Test of Argumen ......
Pages: 48
Price: Rs 0   
Predicates Total views (749)  
Propositional Function-The Concept, Quantifiers and First-Order Logic, The Universal Quantifier: ∀, The Existential Quantifier: ∃, Universal and Existential Statements-Equivalent Forms, Bound Variable, Negation of Quantified Statements, Contrapositive, Converse and Inverse for Universal Conditional Statements, Generalised Demorgan's Laws, Ambiguity-an Instance, Negations of Multiple-Qu ......
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 22.5   
Set Theory-Basics Total views (750)  
Introduction, Set Representation, Subsets, Cardinality of a Set, Venn Diagrams, Operations on Sets, Disjoint Sets, Power Set, Cartesian Product, Properties of Sets, Proving Set Indentities-Basic Technique, Duality, Properties of Empty Set, Countable and Uncountable Sets, Membership Table, Addition Principle, Miscellaneous Examples
Pages: 52
Price: Rs 39   
Relations Total views (748)  
Introduction, Binary relations, Displaying Relations, Some Definitions and Terminology, Arrow Diagram of a Relation, The Inverse of a Relation, n-Ary Relations, Domain and Range of a Relation, Composition of Relations, Properties of Relations, Representing Relations, Partition, Partial Ordered Relations, Digraphs of Posets, Hasse Diagram, Some Definitions, Lattice, Digraph and Emergence of Structu ......
Pages: 59
Price: Rs 44.25   
Elements of Functions Total views (749)  
Introduction, Definition, Arrow Diagram, Examples of Non-functions, Properties of Functions, Standard Examples on Functions, One-to-One Functions, Onto Functions, Technique to Prove a Function as Onto, One-to-one Correspondences, Inverse Functions, The Pigeonhole Principle, Generalised Pigeonhole Principle Statement, Composition of Functions, Starling Number of the Second Kind, Growth of Functions ......
Pages: 64
Price: Rs 48   
Algebraic Structures Total views (751)  
Mathematical Structure (or Algebraic Structures), Binary Operation, Properties of Mathematical Structures, Some Important Theorems, Composition Table, Semigroups, Isomorphism, Groups, Some Special Groups, Integral Powers of an Element, Subgroups, Euler φ-Function, φ(n), Quotient Group, Homomorphism of Groups
Pages: 57
Price: Rs 42.75   
Elementary Combinatorics Total views (753)  
Principles of Counting, Permutation, Combinations, Binomial Theorem, The Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion-Revisited, Derangements: Every Thing Misplaced, Recap, Exercises 7, Answers (Exercise 7), Additional Practice Problems on Combinatorics (Without Solutions)
Pages: 43
Price: Rs 32.25   
Recurrence Relation Total views (748)  
Generating Functions, Sequences, Recurrence Relation, Solving Recurrence Relations, Solving Linear Homogeneous Recurrence Relation with Constant Coefficients, The Non-Homogeneous Recurrence Relation, Solving Recurrence Relations Using Generating Functions, Catalan Numbers-Outcome of a Special Nonlinear Recurrence Relation, Recursive Functions
Pages: 74
Price: Rs 55.5   
Graph Theory-An Introduction Total views (749)  
Graphs: An Introduction, Special Graphs, Subgraph, Degree of a Vertex-The Concept, Given a Degree Sequence-How to Draw the Graph?, Adjacency Matrices, Incidence Matrices, Isomorphism of Graphs, Paths and Circuits, Euler Paths, Hamiltonian Circuit, The Travelling Salesman Problem, Shortest Path Problem, Matching
Pages: 43
Price: Rs 32.25   
Planar Graphs, Colouring, Trees Total views (751)  
Planar Graphs, Graph Colouring, Trees, Preorder and Postorder Traversals
Pages: 37
Price: Rs 27.75   

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