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Title      : Programming with JAVA
Subject      : Java Programming
copyright © 2018   : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Author      : Suresh Kumar T V
Publisher      : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Chapters/Pages      : 14/617
Total Price      : Rs.      : 461
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OOP Total views (240)  
Introduction to OOP, What is OOP?, Need for OOP, Four main pillars of OOP, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Class, Object, Instance, Method, Message passing, Comparison with Procedural Programming
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 0   
Introduction to Java Total views (264)  
A brief History of Java, Java Technology, Java as Programming Language, Java as Platform, The Differences between Java, C and C++, Java API, Java Development Kit (JDK), A simple java program, A simple Java Program - Using Net Beans IDE, A simple Java Program using Microsoft Windows Command line, What did we write in the First Program, Hello Wrold
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 21   
Basics of Statements in Java Application Total views (271)  
Instance Variables (Non-Static Fields), Class Variables (Static Fields), Local Variables, Naming Conventions, Java Language Keywords, Primitive Data Types, Java's special support, Literals, Type conversion, Automatic Type Conversion in Expressions, The Type Conversion Rules, Arrays, Creating an Array, Copying Arrays, Operators, The Assignment Operator, The Arithmetic Operators, The Unary Operators ......
Pages: 59
Price: Rs 44.25   
Classes and Objects Total views (233)  
Class, Access Modifiers, Class Access, Nonaccess Class Modifiers, Member Variables and there scope, Method, Types of Methods, Constructor methods, Overloading Constructors, Accessor (or observer) Method, Mutator (or transformer) Method, Helper Methods, Recursive Methods, Overloading Methods, Arbitrary Number of Arguments - varargs, Objects, Creating Objects, Accessing Objects, Declaring a Variable ......
Pages: 62
Price: Rs 46.5   
Inheritance Total views (234)  
Inheritance, Subclass, Overriding and Hiding Methods, Modifiers, The 'super' Keyword, The Object Class, The finalize() Method, Class Class, Final Classes and Methods, Abstract Methods and Classes, Multilevel Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Object Reference Type Casting, Dynamic method binding, 'instance of' Operator
Pages: 26
Price: Rs 19.5   
Interface Total views (232)  
Interface, The Interface Body, Implementing an Interface, Inheritance in Interface, Interfaces and Multiple Inheritance, Using an Interface as a Type, Abstract Class Implementing an Interface, Difference between interface and an abstract class
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Package Total views (232)  
Package, Reasons for using packages, Creating a Package, Using Package Members, Referring to a Package Member by Its Qualified Name, Importing a Package Member, Importing an Entire Package, Multilevel packaging, Name Ambiguities, The Static Import Statement, Visibility, Managing Source and Class Files, Scanner, Class Scanner, How to use a Scanner, Setting Delimiters for Scanner
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
Exception Total views (231)  
Exception, Exception Object, Cause for Exceptions, Implementing Try-Catch Block, Hirearchy of Exception / Error Classes, Checked Exceptions, Unchecked Exceptions, "finally" Block, Rules for try, catch and finally Blocks, Throws, Throw, Nested Try-Catch Blocks, User Defi ned Exceptions, Chained Exception
Pages: 29
Price: Rs 21.75   
Exploring and java.util package Total views (263)  
Input output Streams - IO streams, Reading information into a program, Writing information from a program, Files, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, Byte Streams, Character Streams, Line-Oriented I/O, Buffered Streams, Scanning and Formatting, Scanning, Formatting, I/O from the Command Line, Standard Streams, The Console, Data Streams, Object Streams, Output and Input of Complex Objects, Serilizat ......
Pages: 38
Price: Rs 28.5   
Threads Total views (232)  
Processes and Threads, Threads, Life Cycle of A Thread, Thread Methods, Creating a Thread, Pausing Execution with Sleep, join() & is Alive() methods, Stopping a Thread, To determine whether a thread has been interrupted, Thread Group, Multithreading, Thread Priorities, Synchronization, Synchronized Methods, Synchronized Blocks (Statements), Dead Lock, Interthread communication, Daemon Threads, Sus ......
Pages: 46
Price: Rs 34.5   
Applet Total views (235)  
Applet, Application Vs. Applet, A simple Applet Layout, Applet lifecycle, HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language, The APPLET tag, Create and Run Applet using Netbeans IDE, Passing Parameter in Java Applet, Types of Applet, Advantages of Applet, Disadvantages of Java Applet
Pages: 17
Price: Rs 12.75   
Awt & Event Handling Total views (234)  
AWT Basics, Basic GUI Logic, Interfaces, Class and Exception available in java.awt, Java AWT Components, Button, Canvas, Checkbox, Label, Scrollbar, TextField, Choice, List, General Methods of AWT Components, Containers, Panels, Most Commonly used Container Methods, Scroll Pane, Menu Bar, Dialogs, Events, What an Event contain?, Event handling steps, Low-level Events, Semantic Events, Event Source ......
Pages: 106
Price: Rs 79.5   
Swing Total views (238)  
Swing, Java Swing class hierarchy, A brief comparison of Swing and the AWT, Difference between Applet and Swings, Swing Toolkit, Create and Run Swing Application using Netbeans IDE, Interfaces, Classes AND Exceptions available in javax.swing, Swing Components, Containers, Layouts, The J Component Class, J Component Features, J Applet, J Frame, J Button, J check Box, Radio Buttons, J Combo Box, J T ......
Pages: 125
Price: Rs 93.75   
Networking Total views (239)  
Basics of Networking, TCP, UDP, Socket and ports, Introduction of networking Ports, URL, Datagram in network environment, Description of Classes - Constructor / methods in, Class Socket, Class Server Socket, Class URL, Class URL Connection, Class Inet Address, Class Datagram Socket, Class Datagram Packet, Class Multicast Socket, Application of Few of the Above mentioned classes
Pages: 43
Price: Rs 32.25   

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