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Title      : Engineering Mathematics Part - III
Subject      : Mathematics III
copyright © 2018   : Prism Books Pvt Ltd
Author      : Chandrasekharaiah D S (DSC)
Publisher      : Prism Books Pvt Ltd
Chapters/Pages      : 9/522
Total Price      : Rs.      : 318
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Fourier Series Total views (617)  
The reader is familiar with the Maclaurin's expansion of a function f (x) in series of integral powers of x._ Such a series is called a power series. In the present chapter, we consider expansions of f (x) in series containing sine and cosine functions. Such series are called Trigonometric Fourier Series. As a prologue, we give in Section 1.1 a brief Introductory Note on the topics of Sequences a ......
Pages: 100
Price: Rs 0   
Fourier Transforms Total views (601)  
In this chapter we present an elementary treatment of the topic of Infinite (or complex) Fourier Transforms.
Pages: 51
Price: Rs 38.25   
Partial Differential Equations Total views (304)  
This chapter is a continuation of Chapter 4 of Part II. Here, we consider the method of solving one-dimensional wave equation, one-dimensional heat equation and two-dimensional Laplace equation by separation of variables. The D'Alembert's solution for one-dimensional wave equation is also included.
Pages: 62
Price: Rs 46.5   
Curve Fitting Total views (296)  
In this chapter, we consider the topic of curve-fitting by the method of least squares.
Pages: 31
Price: Rs 23.25   
Optimization Total views (291)  
In this chapter, we introduce some basic notions of the Optimization Theory which deals with the act of obtaining best results under given circumstances. Linear programming is an important topic in the optimization theory, and our discussion is confined to an elementary exposition of this topic.
Pages: 38
Price: Rs 28.5   
Numerical Methods - I Total views (291)  
In this chapter we first present some numerical methods of solving algebraic and transcendental equations. Then we consider the Gauss-Seidel method and the Relaxation method of solving systems of linear equations. Lastly, we consider the power method of finding the largest eigenvalue of a square matrix.
Pages: 62
Price: Rs 46.5   
Numerical Methods-II Total views (289)  
This chapter is a continuation of Chapter 6. Here, we consider the topic of Finite Differences with applications to Interpolation and Integration.
Pages: 69
Price: Rs 51.75   
Numerical Methods - III Total views (290)  
In Chapter 3, we obtained Fourier series solutions to one-dimensional heat equation, one-dimensional wave equation and two-dimensional Laplace equation. In this chapter we present some Numerical solutions to these equations.
Pages: 49
Price: Rs 36.75   
Z - Transforms Total views (290)  
In Chapters 7 and 8 of Part II and Chapter 2 of this book, we presented an elementary treatment of Laplace Transforms and Fourier Transforms. In the present chapter we consider another transform, known as the Z - transform, which is closely related to the Laplace Transform. Whereas the Laplace transform is defined through an infinite integral, the Z-transform is defined through an infinite series ......
Pages: 60
Price: Rs 45   

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