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Title      : Entrepreneurship Development
Subject      : Entrepreneurship
copyright © 2018   : Subhas Stores
Author      : Syed Kazim
Publisher      : Subhas Stores
Chapters/Pages      : 5/196
Total Price      : Rs.      : 126
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Entrepreneurship Total views (189)  
The concept of entrepreneurship was first established in the 1700s and the meaning has evolved ever since. Entrepreneurship is central for enhancing the economic opportunity of nations and organisations. Entrepreneurship is because it constitutes, in many respects, the factors requisite for economic development. Entrepreneurship can be described as a creative and innovative response to the e ......
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 0   
Small Scale Industries Total views (140)  
The Small-Scale Industries (SSI) have a crucial role in a developing economy like India. They play a strategic role in the progress of the country. These industries by and large represent a stage in economic transition from traditional segments to modern segments. The traditional nature of this process is reflected in the diversities of these industries. Some small scale units employ simple skills ......
Pages: 31
Price: Rs 23.25   
Formation of Small Scale Industry Total views (142)  
The definition for small-scale industrial undertakings has changed over time. Initially they were classified into two categories- those using power with less than 50 employees and those not using power with the employee strength being more than 50 but less than 100. However, the capital resources invested on plant and machinery buildings have been the primary criteria to differentiate the smallsca ......
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
Preparing the Business Plan Total views (139)  
A written document that describes in detail how a new business is going to achieve its goals. A business plan will lay out a written plan from a marketing, financial and operational viewpoint. Sometimes a business plan is prepared for an established business that is moving in a new direction.
Pages: 44
Price: Rs 33   
Project Assistance Total views (144)  
Financial Assistance through State Financial Corporation (SFC) A Central Industrial Finance corporation was set up under the industrial Finance corporations Act, 1948 in order to provide medium and long term credit to industrial undertakings which fall outside normal activities of commercial banks.
Pages: 80
Price: Rs 60   

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