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Title      : Concise Physics BSc VI Semester Volume 7 (601)
Subject      : Physics
copyright © 2018   : Subhas Stores
Author      : Sarmistha Sahu
Publisher      : Subhas Stores
Chapters/Pages      : 13/186
Total Price      : Rs.      : 114
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Vector Atom Model Total views (236)  
Review of Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom, Sommerfeld's modification of the Bohr atomic model (qualitative).Spatial quantization and spinning electron. Different quantum numbers associated with the vector atom model, Spectral terms and their notations, Selection rules, Coupling schemes(l -s and j-j coupling in multi electron systems), Pauli's Exclusion Principle, Expression for maximum number of el ......
Pages: 36
Price: Rs 0   
Molecular Physics Total views (223)  
Pure rotational motion, spectrum and selection rules; Vibrational motion, vibrational spectrum and selection rules; Rotation-Vibration spectrum; Scattering of light- Tyndall scattering, Rayleigh scattering and Raman scattering Experimental study of Raman effect, Quantum theory of Raman effect - Applications
Pages: 22
Price: Rs 16.5   
Alpha Particle Scattering Total views (222)  
Alpha particle scattering: Rutherford's theory of alpha scattering (assuming the path to be hyperbolic)
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 10.5   
Alpha Decay Total views (220)  
Gamow's theory of alpha decay, Q-value of alpha decay, exact energy of alpha particle emitted, characteristics of alpha spectrum, Geiger-Nuttal law
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Beta Decay Total views (220)  
Types of beta decay (electron, positron decay and electron capture). Characteristics of beta spectrum and pauli's neutrino hypothesis
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Detectors of Nuclear Radiations Total views (220)  
Variation of ionization current with applied voltage in a gas counter, GM Counter
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Particle Accelerators Total views (219)  
Cyclotron and electron synchrotron
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Nuclear Reactions Total views (217)  
Types of nuclear reactions, conservation laws, expression for Q value of a nuclear reaction - Endoergic and Exoergic reactions, threshold energy
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Nanomaterials Total views (227)  
Synthesis techniques (Top down & bottom up) - electron confinement. Size effect - surface to volume ratio; distinction between nanomaterials & bulk materials in terms of energy band. Distinct properties of nanomaterials. Classification of nano systems - quantum dots, nanowires and nano films, Multilayered materials - Graphene, Fullerene Carbon nano tube (CNT). Application of nano materials
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Dielectrics Total views (212)  
Static dielectric constant, polarizability (electronic, ionic and orientation), calculation of Lorentz field (derivation), Clausius-Mosotti equation (derivation), dielectric breakdown, electrostriction (qualitative), electrets. Piezo electric effect, cause, examples and applications
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
Liquid Crystals Total views (206)  
Classification: Thermotropic and Lyotropic. Properties: anisotropy in dielectric constant, electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, refractive index and elasticity. Applications: construction and operation of twisted nematic display and thermography
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Appendix A Total views (204)  
Appendix A
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 3   
Appendix B Total views (203)  
Appendix B
Pages: 2
Price: Rs 1.5   

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