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Title      : System Software
Subject      : System Software
copyright ©  2018     : Sri Nandi Publications
Author      : Padma Reddy A M
Publisher      : Sri Nandi Publications
Chapters/Pages      : 7/330
Total Price      : Rs.      : 52
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SIC/SIC-XE Machine Architecture Total views (73)  
This chapter includes the architecture of SIC/SIC-XE that includes memory organization, registers, instruction format, data format, addressing modes, instruction set, programs, generating the machine code etc.
Pages: 74
Price: Rs 0   
Assembler Total views (22)  
This chapter includes basic assembler functions, A simple SIC assembler, Assembler algorithm and data structures, Machine dependent assembler features, Instruction formats and addressing modes, program relocation, control section, program blocks etc.
Pages: 76
Price: Rs 15.2   
Linkers and Loaders Total views (244)  
This chapter includes basic loader functions such as design of absolute loader, a simple bootstrap loader, machine dependent loader features such as relocation, program linking, machine-independent loader features such as automatic library search, loader options, loader design options etc.
Pages: 23
Price: Rs 4.6   
Macroprocessors Total views (1058)  
This chapter includes basic macro processor functions such as macro definition and expansion, machine-independent macro processor features such as concatenation of macro parameters, generation of unique labels, conditional macro expansion, macro processor design options along with implementation examples such as masm macro processor, ANSI C macro processor etc.
Pages: 58
Price: Rs 11.6   
Editors and Debugging Systems Total views (18)  
This chapter includes text editors: overview of editing process, user interface, editor structure, Interactive debugging systems: debugging functions and capabilities, Relationship with other parts of the system, user-interface criteria etc.
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 2.4   
LEX Total views (21)  
This chapter includes simple lex programs, symbol tables, regular expressions and how to write lex programs.
Pages: 54
Price: Rs 10.8   
YACC Total views (1057)  
This chapter includes definition of YACC, structure of YACC and YACC programming examples
Pages: 33
Price: Rs 6.6   

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