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Title      : Advance Mathematics - II
Subject      : Advanced Mathematics II
copyright ©  2018     : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Author      : Pandurangappa C
Publisher      : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Chapters/Pages      : 3/392
Total Price      : Rs.      : 201
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Analytical Geometry Total views (60)  
We know that the position of a point in a plane can be determined by two Cartesian co-ordinates namely the x co-ordinate and the y co-ordinate. Hence, a point in the plane is represented by an ordered pair of two real numbers (x, y). In this chapter we shall see that the position of a point in space can be determined with respect to three mutually perpendicular lines meeting at a point. Further, w ......
Pages: 124
Price: Rs 0   
Vectors Total views (70)  
We come across two types of quantities in physics, mechanics and other branches of applied mathematics, one characterized by both magnitude and direction such as displacement, velocity, force, acceleration etc and the other characterized by only magnitude and no direction such as mass, speed and density etc. The former is known as vector while the later is known as scalar. In this chapter we discu ......
Pages: 112
Price: Rs 84   
Laplace Transforms Total views (22)  
The theory of Laplace transform is an essential part of the mathematical background, which is required for engineers, physicists and mathematicians. It gives an easy and effective means for solving certain types of differential equations and integral equations. It is the foundation of the modern form of operational calculus, which was originated from the operational methods used by an English elec ......
Pages: 156
Price: Rs 117   

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