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Title      : Understanding Economics
Subject      : Introductory Economics
copyright © 2018   : Cavery Bopaiah
Author      : Cavery Bopaiah
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 13/264
Total Price      : Rs.      : 172
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Introduction and Terminology, Business Economics, Graphs Total views (10)  
Economics, Resources, Efficiency, Allocative Efficiency, Productive Efficiency, Distributive Efficiency, Management Of Resources, Allocation Of Resources In India, Maximising Satisfaction – Utility, GDP, Business Economics, The Firm, The Principal –Agent Problem, Satisficing Behaviour And Rational Ignorance, Graphs And The Producton Possibilities Frontier, The How And Why Of Graphs, Inverse Relati ......
Pages: 36
Price: Rs 0   
The Consumer’s Choice Total views (13)  
The Consumer’s Choice, Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Possible Exception, Law Of Equimarginal Advantage, Effect Of A Price Change, Utility Maximising Rule, Box-Thinking At The Margin, Box – Paradox Of Value, Indifference Curves, Marginal Rate Of Substitution. Budget Line, Choice Under Constraint, Change In Income, Change In Relative Prices, Income Consumption Curve, Box- Behavioural Economic ......
Pages: 19
Price: Rs 14.25   
Demand Forecasting Total views (5)  
Surveys, Sample Selection Bias, Qualitative Survey, Poll The Buyers And Sales Force, Get Information From Consumers/Buyers, Other Market Research Approaches, Micromarketing, Crm –Customer Relationship Management, Consumer Clinic, Quantitative Methods, Trend Projection, Time Series, Smoothing Techniques, Ordinary Least Squares OLS, Simultaneous Equations Methods, Barometric Methods
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Demand and Supply Total views (1)  
Box- Role of Prices in the Market, Individual and Market Demand Curves, Individual Demand Schedules, Box- Justification for the Negative Slope of the Demand Curve, Determinants Of Demand, Change In Income, Change In Tastes And Preferences, Expectations About Future Prices, Prices Of Related Goods, Change In Number Of Consumers, Demand Function, Box- Change In Demand Vs Change In Quantity Demanded, ......
Pages: 40
Price: Rs 30   
Elasticity Total views (1)  
Calculating Elasticity, Total Revenue And Demand Elasticity, Determinants Of Elasticity Of Demand, Number Of Substitutes, Proportion Of Income, Luxury Or Necessity, Length Of Time Considered, Slope And Elasticity, Elastic And Inelastic Demand, Unitary Elasticity, Cross Price Elasticity, Engels Law, Elasticity Of Supply, Supply And The Time Factor, Understanding Issues Through Elasticity, Minimum W ......
Pages: 22
Price: Rs 16.5   
Production Theory Total views (1)  
The Production Function, Short-Run Production Function, Law of Variable Proportions, Optimal Employment of a Variable Input, Long Run Production Function, Production with Two Variable Inputs, Production Isoquants, Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution, Production Isocosts, Optimal Employment Of Two Factor Inputs, Profit Maximising Level of Output, Expansion Path Of A Firm – Long Run
Pages: 21
Price: Rs 15.75   
Cost Theory Total views (17)  
Economic Concept of Costs, Implicit and Explicit Costs, Normal Profit and Costs Incremental and Sunk Costs, Cost of Long-lived Assets, Cost Function, Production Costs in the Long-Run, Returns to Scale, Long-Run Average Cost Curve, Different Types of LAC Curves, Returns to Scale, Economies of scope
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Market Structure - Pure Competition Total views (344)  
The Number of Sellers in the Market, Pure Competition, The Firm’s Supply Decision, Finding the Profit Maximising Output, Break Even Point, The Profit Maximising Output of the Firm, MC=MR the Profit Maximising Output?, The Profit Maximising Output when Economic Profits are Zero, Loss Minimising Output, Shut-down Case, Short-Run Supply Curve of the PC firm, Long-run adjustments, Slope of the Long-ru ......
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Monopoly Markets Total views (1)  
Barriers To Entry, Legal And Regulatory Barriers, Patents and Innovation, Traditional Knowledge, Strategic Barriers, Ownership of Resources, Threat of Price Cuts, Sunk Costs, Natural Barriers, Economies of Scale and Natural Monopolies, Geographical Barriers, High Initial costs, Market Power, Supply Decision of the Monopolist Firm, Monopoly Markets and Elasticity, Economic Efficiency and Monopolies ......
Pages: 17
Price: Rs 12.75   
Imperfect Competition Total views (1)  
Oligopoly, Barriers to Entry, Cartels, Price Determination In Oligopolies, The Monopoly Model for Oligopolies, Price Leadership, Cost-plus Pricing, The Kinked Demand Curve, Efficiency Issues Concentration Within An Industry, Measures of Concentration, Monopolistic Competition, Supply Decision Of The MC Firm, Efficiency Issues, Minimum Efficient Scale
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
National Income Total views (345)  
Circular Flow Diagram, Real And Nominal Income, Gauging Aggregate, Unemployment Inflation, Causes of Inflation, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product, India’s declining share in World GDP, Per capita GDP, Value Added Method, Practical Difficulties in Calculating the GDP, Double Counting, GDP Values that are overlooked, Measurement Issues, Product Quality, Exchange Rate Fluctuations, C ......
Pages: 27
Price: Rs 20.25   
Business Cycles Total views (347)  
Phases of the Business Cycle, Prosperity, Downturn, Recession, Recovery, The Great Depression, Price Levels and the Business Cycles
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Miscellaneous Topics Total views (4)  
Trade, Comparative Advantage,Specialisation and Division of Labour, Fairer Terms of Trade or Aid?, Level Playing Field for Trade?, Measures of Inequality, Lorenz Curve and Gini Coefficient, Market Failure, Externalities, Symbiotic Externalities, NIMBY, Public Goods, Asymmetric Information
Pages: 17
Price: Rs 12.75   

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