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Title      : Turbo Machines
Subject      : Turbo Machine
copyright © 2018   : Sunstar Publisher
Author      : Dr. N Krishnamurthy
Publisher      : Sunstar Publisher
Chapters/Pages      : 8/477
Total Price      : Rs.      : 313
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Introduction Total views (45)  
Definition of turbomachine, parts of turbomachines,Comparison with positive displacement machines, Classification, Dimensionless parameters and their significance, Effect of Reynold’s number, Unit and specific quantities, model studies. Application of first and second law’s of thermodynamics to turbomachines, Efficiencies of turbomachines. Problems
Pages: 59
Price: Rs 0   
Thermodynamics of fluid flow Total views (27)  
Static and Stagnation states- Incompressible fluids and perfect gases, Overall isentropic efficiency, stage efficiency (their comparison) and polytropic efficiency for both compression and expansion processes. Reheat factor for expansion process
Pages: 49
Price: Rs 36.75   
Energy Exchange & General Analysis of Turbo Machines Total views (15)  
Euler’s turbine equation, Alternate form of Euler’s turbine equation, Velocity triangles for different values of degree of reaction, Components of energy transfer, Degree of Reaction, utilization factor, Relation between degree of reaction and Utilization factor, Problems Radial flow compressors and pumps – general analysis, Expression for degree of reaction, velocity triangles, Effect of blade d ......
Pages: 67
Price: Rs 50.25   
Steam Turbines Total views (6)  
Classification, Single stage impulse turbine, condition for maximum blade efficiency, stage efficiency, Need and methods of compounding, Multi-stage impulse turbine, expression for maximum utilization factor, Reaction turbine – Parsons’s turbine, condition for maximum utilization factor, reaction staging. Problems
Pages: 72
Price: Rs 54   
Hydraulic Turbines Total views (8)  
Classification, Different efficiencies, Pelton turbine –velocity triangles, design parameters, Maximum efficiency. Francis turbine - velocity triangles, design parameters, runner shapes for different blade speeds. Draft tubes- Types and functions. Kaplan and Propeller turbines - velocity triangles, design parameters. Problems.
Pages: 79
Price: Rs 59.25   
Centrifugal Pumps Total views (3)  
Classification and parts of centrifugal pump, different heads and efficiencies of centrifugal pump, Minimum speed for starting the flow, Maximum suction lift, Net positive suction head, Cavitation, Need for priming, Pumps in series and parallel. Problems.
Pages: 48
Price: Rs 36   
Centrifugal Compressors Axial flow Compressors Total views (5)  
Centrifugal Compressors: Stage velocity triangles, slip factor, power input factor, Stage work, Pressure developed, stage efficiency and surging and problems. Axial flow Compressors: Expression for pressure ratio developed in a stage, work done factor, efficiencies and stalling. Problems.
Pages: 92
Price: Rs 69   
Previous Year Question Papers Total views (15)  
Previous Year Question Papers
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   

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