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Subject      : Energy Engineering
copyright © 2018   : SUBRAMANYA KRISHNA BHAT
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 24/120
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Human beings have been endowed with the magnificent skill of sharp and logical thinking capacity, keen observation ability, matchless ability of imitating and power to pursue comfort in all respects. More than that they have been exclusively blessed with intuition which helps him to create, discover, innovate and incorporate the modifications as and when required. These skills have helped them to ......
Pages: 3
Price: Rs 0   
Since the inception of industrialization to date most of the energy requirement is being generated by consuming the fossil fuel. The limited reserve of such fossil fuel and the fact that our environment is already effected negatively by the continuous use of the fossil fuel over a long period of time has directed the public attention, researchers efforts directed towards harnessing environmental f ......
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 3.3   
A number of solar energy harnessing devices have been designed and developed to harness the solar energy by direct method-without conversion. These type are economical and being used in a number of different fields. Some of them are as discussed below.
Pages: 19
Price: Rs 10.45   
Can you imagine diverting /control of a comparatively large fluid stream by a small puff of fluid or just by whistling/whisper released by ones mouth without using any moving parts; or perform computation, sensing, information processing and such other operations by using only fluids and with no moving parts? The answers are in the fluidics technology. By using an appropriate fluidics amplifier, a ......
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 3.3   
Every device has its own specifications and they are expressed formally in the terms of the type of design concept / customer requirement, product design, size, form, capacity, material used and such other such specification. Again each device has the inherent provisions to incorporate simple modification to improve its performance to a large extent.
Pages: 3
Price: Rs 1.65   
An Innovative Strategy for Generation of Electric Power on a Micro Scale using Thermo-Electric Generator Modules in Solar Ponds Total views (1)  
Solar Energy is one of the most abundant energy resources of any tropical country in the world, when harnessed in the right way. Since solar energy is diffused energy, the usage of solar energy is somewhat limited to an extent. To solve this problem, solar energy has to be collected in large areas with proper storage devices which collect and store energy when available and provide a steady output ......
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 22.05   
Fluidic Single Basin Type Solar Still (FSBSS) Total views (1)  
It is observed in the near future the availability of potable water will be a rare commodity. All most all the sources of soft water have become polluted due to the boom in population and industrialization. Especially in the rural areas the people depend mainly on the underground water, stagnant water in ponds, lakes, etc., which at many locations is either not available sufficiently or is saline, ......
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 5.4   
Fluidic Solar Cell Module (FSCM) Total views (1)  
Solar energy can be harnessed by direct conversion method using photovoltaic cells or solar cells. Earlier the solar cells were very costly and their conversion efficiency was lowest. Presently the reducing cost trend, increasing efficiency trend of the solar cell and its availability makes it as the best solution for generating electrical energy by harnessing the solar energy. Though theoretical ......
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 15.225   
Fluidics Solar Drier (FSB) Total views (1)  
Mother Nature has endowed the human beings with assets like water, air, land, forest, fossil fuel resources, renewable energy resources and animal resources, free of cost in abundant quantity of to improve his living standards. But due to the licentious exploitation of these resources, man has created himself highly polluted environment, deforestation, acid rains, brazened agricultural lands etc. ......
Pages: 3
Price: Rs 6.3   
Improved Fluidics Solar Still (IFSS) Total views (1)  
Performance of the solar still is affected by different parameters. Out of them, water depth in the basin and temperature of the glass cover are the important parameters affecting the yield and the efficiency of the still. The lower the water depth the faster would be the rise in temperature and consequently high evaporation rate and yield in the absence of any storage effect. El- Sebail.A sugges ......
Pages: 5
Price: Rs 4.425   
Improved Solar Nocturnal Cooler (ISNC) Total views (1)  
Solar energy can be conveniently harnessed either for heating or cooling a given living space to increase the degree of comfort. The methods used in practice are active method or passive method. The active method is more effective but is complicated and comparatively expensive. Whereas it has been observed that the passive method is the simple and economical method. Hence this method attracts the ......
Pages: 3
Price: Rs 9.375   
Improved Trombe Wall (ITW) Total views (1)  
It is well known that the solar energy can be conveniently harnessed for heating or cooling a given space. The Trombe wall is one of the famous design concept developed by Prof Trombe; used for the said purpose in the passive mode operation. Trombe wall consists of a plain south facing concrete wall of a building called as a storage wall. The storage wall is relatively thick and its outside surfa ......
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 6   
Improved Vortex Solar Chimney (IVSC) Total views (1)  
It should be noted that by using the fluidics vortex diode in VSC reducing the surface area of the collector or the height of the chimney has been achieved. However in certain cases the chimney itself may pose a lot of problems. Some of them are: *difficulty in design, *construction and the erecting of the chimney and costly;* initial investment is on the higher side; *the maintenance is difficult ......
Pages: 3
Price: Rs 6.15   
Innovative Method of Enhancing the Efficiency of the Solar Cells / Solar Modules /Solar arrays Total views (1)  
It is observed that sources and the methods of production of environmental friendly renewable energy ensure the generation of high quality useful energy (electrical energy). Among the many environmental friendly energy sources, solar energy is the best ones. Solar energy can be harnessed by two different methods. The first one is direct method, wherein the solar energy - thermal energy and photon ......
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 28.725   
Low Cost Solar Cooker (LCSC) Total views (1)  
Since the time the human beings discovered fire, they used it for the cooking purpose, frightening the wild animals and making themselves warm during cold nights and winter session. It observed that in the present time, the requirement of the thermal energy in the kitchen has been up scaled. In the rural areas most of the times the conventional energy sources are used is used for the cooking purp ......
Pages: 3
Price: Rs 5.625   
Modified Concrete Solar Collector (MCSC) Total views (1)  
In the cases of low thermal applications the flat plate collectors are the effective devices to harness the solar energy but are comparatively costly and it has become uneconomical in the rural area or to the public in general. To reduce its cost different designs with different materials have been researched and are being developed. One of them is the novel idea of using concrete slab as the sola ......
Pages: 5
Price: Rs 14.7   
Modified Solar Air Heater with Wall Attachment Effect (MSAHWAE) Total views (1)  
The main objective is to develop a compact solar air heater with enhanced heat transfer rate for a given surface area, temperature difference and a given mass flow rate. The principles of the fluidic wall attachment and fluidic vortex diode are used to achieve the said objective. The main advantages of the MSAHWAE are: *the modification is very simple, economical and effective; *the operation is ......
Pages: 2
Price: Rs 1.275   
Novel way of Enhancing the Efficiency of the Solar Cells / Solar Arrays Total views (1)  
Global energy scenario has changed a lot as compared to the earlier scenario. Whole world knows the impact of environmentally hazardous fossil fuels. To overcome the environmental degradation and to reduce the use of fossil fuel, harnessing alternate / renewable energy sources is being encouraged. Out of number of renewable energy sources Solar Energy is the best one. Harnessing the solar energy m ......
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 11.025   
Pyramid Structure and Solar Energy Total views (1)  
Everyone is acquainted and knows something about the pyramids. The pyramids have been popularized as dehydrating device, shaving blade/knife sharpening device, vastu correcting device, antirust/rust removing device, preserving device, meditation device, etc. A number of paperback books, articles have been written on pyramids. Most of these inform about the pyramid structure, its construction, and ......
Pages: 3
Price: Rs 12.9   
References Total views (1)  
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 8   
Solar Energy Assisted Passive Ventilation (SEAPV) Total views (1)  
A building is a space created for the purpose of human habitation. The building environment is an important component of study for town planners, developers, architects and engineers. Generally a building is designed by taking into consideration of the following safeties: structural safety, fire safety, health safety, and construction safety. Although these safeties are necessary but do not necess ......
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 6   
Solar Fluid Heater (SFH) from the waste materials Total views (1)  
Solar fluid heater is unique in the sense that it is fabricated by using only the waste materials like burnt fluorescent tube lights, cork or rubber stoppers etc. The advantages of SFH are: economical; *the glass tubes of the burnt tube lights / burnt incandescent lamps are effectively used, which otherwise are thrown away as waste, * covering the bottom half of the glass tube with silver paint, ......
Pages: 2
Price: Rs 4.275   
Solar Water Cooler (SWC) Total views (1)  
It is well known that the solar energy is useful in many ways and at the same time harmful also. During summer, the maximum solar energy is received, which is useful for heating, drying and such other purposes but the same heat will be unbearable for the living beings. The feeling of discomfort will be experienced. If the locations are near the sea, river, reservoirs and other such water bodies; ......
Pages: 5
Price: Rs 7.2   
Vortex Solar Chimney (VSC) Total views (2)  
Solar chimney is a device developed to harness solar thermal energy. The solar chimney is used in a number of applications *generating useful electrical energy, *solar driers, *solar regenerators etc. The solar chimney designed by Prof Jorg Schlaish Bergermann of Technical University at Stuttgart Germany, uses the greenhouse effect, the chimney and the wind turbine in a novel way are integrated to ......
Pages: 2
Price: Rs 5.55   

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